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Beverly Cleary School Foundation - FAQ

1.    What is the Beverly Cleary School (BCS) Foundation?

The BCS Foundation is a parent-led, nonprofit fundraising organization that raises money for teachers and educational support staff (PEOPLE) at BCS. The Foundation is the only way we have to provide teachers for our school above and beyond what the district allocates in the spring budget process. 

2.    Does all the money go to BCS?

No. The first $10,000 raised is set aside for BCS, then expenses are deducted.  Per Portland Public School Board policy, 30 percent of the remainder is given to the district’s Equity Fund and redistributed to high-need schools using a data-driven formula. The remaining 2/3 is turned over to BCS on July 1 for use in the same calendar school year. 

3.    Who decides how the BCS portion will be spent?

The principal decides how best to apply Foundation funds.

4.    Are contributions to the Foundation tax deductible? 

Absolutely! The only exceptions are tickets to the Auction and the fair market value of goods purchased at the Auction. All contributions to the Fall and Spring Campaigns are fully tax deductible. And, all of your contributions of goods and services to the Auction are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  

5. Why does All Hands Raised send my tax receipts and operate the online contribution website? 

All Hands Raised/Portland Schools Foundation serves as the umbrella nonprofit for all of the local school foundations, including the BCS Foundation. It manages our bank accounts, tax receipts, and online contributions. To learn more about All Hands Raised, visit its website at www.allhandsrased.org.

6. How can I learn more about the Foundation?