A Beginner's Guide to SCRIP

Aug 29, 2016

SCRIP is hands-down the easiest way to give to our school,  and the best part is it doesn’t cost you an extra cent!

What is SCRIP? 

Scrip is Beverly Cleary PTA's year round fundraising program. PTA volunteers purchase gift cards at a discount. When you purchase a gift card at the full value, the difference goes directly to our teachers for classroom supplies and necessities.

For example, Fred Meyer sells the PTA their gift cards at a 5% discount. When you purchase a $100 Fred Meyer gift card, the PTA earns $5 for Beverly Cleary School. That means the money raised from Scrip sales comes from the businesses, not our families! Funds are granted to teachers and the school to support enriching school programs and to purchase classroom supplies like these:

* Music Mallets (K, 1)
* Microscopes & Science Lab supplies (1st, 6th & 8th)
* Math, reading, science and art supplies (including a loom) (K-8)

* Passport Club (K-8) and Battle of the Books (4-8)
* Learning Gardens at Hollyrood and Fernwood (K-8)
* Library and classroom books (K-8)
* Incubator for chicken hatching (K-1)
* Middle School Choir Supplies (6-8)
* Outdoor School supplies (6th)
* Calculators & U-Publish Books (4th)
* Counselor Office Set Up (K-8)

Consider this: if 300 of our families purchased just $100 in gift cards every month, we would raise over $16,000. That's alot of money supporting our teachers!


Great! How do I start buying Scrip?

There are tree great ways to buy Scrip

1. Purchase Scrip from a Scrip Team volunteer! Tuesday and Friday mornings, after first bell, stop by the Scrip sales tables on your campus. We stock Fred Meyer, New Seasons, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Peets, Amazon, Pets On Broadway, and more! Cash and checks are accepted at the Scrip tables.

2. Order online at https://www.shopwithscrip.com/. (See enrollment details below.) Sign up for PrestoPay to pay online, or bring cash or check into your campus office. Online orders will be processed every Tuesday, complete your order by 9am Tuesday. ShopWithScrip also allows you to ReLoad eligible cards and print ScripNow! at home year round.

3. Turn in a paper order form and cash/check by 9am Tuesday to either the Scrip sales table outside any of the three offices, or the locked Scrip box in any of the offices. Order forms are available at this link and at the SCRIP table.


Receiving Your Order

Orders placed on Tuesday will be ready Thursday afternoon. If you would like your Scrip order sent home in your child’s backpack on Thursday afternoon, sign a backpack release form and submit it with your first order. Backpack release forms are also available at the PTA’s website at www.beverlyclearyschool.org. Since classrooms change every year, a new packback release form is needed at the beginning of every school year.

Contact Peg or Mianne pta.scrip.beverlyclearyschool@gmail.com to arrange alternate delivery options.

Enrollment details for ShopWithScrip.com

At the ShopWithScrip home page, click on the “Register” button. On the following page, scroll down to click on "Join a Scrip Program". Enter our school’s enrollment code  when prompted. (Don't have the enrollment code? Contact Peg or Mianne at pta.scrip.beverlyclearyschool@gmail.com.)

Then set yourself up on PrestoPay, the secure EFT online payment option.

About a day after you sign up for PrestoPay, two small deposits will be made into your account. After you confirm these deposit dates and amounts with your bank, you will receive a 4 number approval code that you need to send to us to activate your PrestoPay account (We never see your bank account info).

Once your PrestoPay account is activated you can order any time! You will also be able to purchase and print ScripNow from many of the retailers, and ReLoad eligible cards.


Skip the plastic card, and the delivery time! There are over 200 retailers on ShopWithScrip who offer ScripNow!, which you can order, pay for with PrestoPay, and be printing in minutes! Browse ScripNow! Brands online at shopwithscrip.com.


Tired of tossing plastic cards? Find yourself shopping or eating at the same places? Why not start using ReLoad? There are 100 retailers participating in reloadable scrip cards, with more added every week.

If you have any questions, or require assistance setting up your online Scrip account, please email Peg at pta.scrip.beverlyclearyschool@gmail.com